We are Currently Closed

A Brighter Future...


We are grateful for and appreciate every single person who has come to us with good will, prayers and the best of wishes for our staff, families and our beautiful property. 


We are fully committed to our guests, visitors and groups, and as soon as reliable connection is  reestablished we will contact each and every guest who had a reservation for the past and next few weeks. 


On behalf of our Management and all staff, we hope our guests and followers are safe. Our thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of you and your loved ones. 


Puerto Rico is as strong as ever and all of us at "Porta Del Sol" are working together non-stop to make our "Isla del Encanto" as beautiful as it can be and bring it to a Brighter Future!!! 

For more information or inquiries please email: sramirez@rinconbeachpr.com





All the Best!!!


Rincon Beach Resort Management