Views from Rincon Beach Resort in Añasco, Puerto Rico

Discover vibrant happenings at Rincón Beach Resort!

Stay in the know

Immerse yourself in the vibrant rhythm of events at Rincón Beach Resort in Puerto Rico, where you’ll find an array of events taking place throughout the year. Whether it's a seasonal festival, a holiday celebration, or a dining event at our restaurant, our resort offers a calendar of events for every interest. 

Rincón Art Walk

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of our town by hitting the town's art walk where you can explore an emerging artistic scene with a distinct and unique style.

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Thanksgiving Dinner

Feast your way through Thanksgiving with our buffet-style dinner at Rincón Beach Resort!

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New Year's Eve Celebration

Let's feast, let's cheer, let's dance the night away with ‘Banda Hipnosis’– because we're welcoming 2024 in style!

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